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Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Understanding what products will make it in the professional and collegiate sports markets is my specialty. I’ve worked in the sports performance technology for 20 years, with a strong foundation in sports technology education.

Strategic consulting services include:


  • Sales operation and structure

    • Strategic revenue and market share enhancement

    • Sales & marketing process improvement

    • Sales team optimization


  • Market opportunity analysis

    • Competitive landscape assessment

    • Product capability and differentiation


  • Integrative health implementation

    • Linking sports science data to an integrative health approach

    • Merging sports science data across all areas of human performance

Corporate Health Strategy

  • Individualized employee coaching sessions

  • Cafeteria optimization

  • Wellness events and materials

  • Budgeting for wellness

  • Seminars and education

  • Adding technology to health programs

Corporate Health Strategy
Health coaching isn’t just for individuals. Companies are complex entities in their own right, comprised of an incredibly diverse selection of wellness needs. I work with small to mid-size organizations using an integrative, one-on-one approach to employee wellness, incorporating tools, technology and education.
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