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Functional Nutrition Meal Planning

Functional Nutrition Meal Planning

As a trained integrative health coach, I focus on the whole person. You’re more than just a number on a scale. Data is important, but so is how you feel. We’ll work together to identify your unique goals and challenges, and use scientific evidence to create a holistic intervention plan. Changing lifelong habits may not always be easy, but I’ll help you find the fight inside yourself. Optimal health and performance is not a pipedream – it’s possible!
My functional nutrition services include:
  • Customized meal plans

    • Special populations

    • Sport-specific

    • Weight management

    • Food allergies

  • Nutrition assessments and consultations

  • Refined goal-setting

  • Pantry & kitchen overhauls

  • Grocery shopping tagalongs

  • Supplement guidance

  • Video consultations

Functional Fitness Programming

My functional fitness services include:

  • Customized exercise plans

  • Refined goal-setting

  • Rest & recovery overhaul

  • Training evaluations

  • Technology for optimal training

Functional Fitness Programming
Moving the right way is important, no matter your age, athletic level, or goals. Like the integrative approach to nutrition, taking a whole-person approach to fitness is critical. Your fitness habits and movement patterns matter as much as your sleep and your training schedule. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, a student athlete looking to clinch a scholarship, or someone who hasn’t hit the gym in years, we’ll work together to prime your body for success.
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