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Hi, I’m Tricia Sterland

...and I’m so glad you’re here! My mission is to help get as many people as possible on the right path to feeling, looking, and living better. As a professional with over 20 years of experience working in the sports and military industries, my career has been dedicated to improving the performance, health and overall well-being of athletes by employing cutting-edge technology. After decades working in that field, I realized the greatest improvements came not just from using the right tools and technology, but from treating the whole individual using an integrative approach – from selecting the right nutrition for their personal needs, to crafting customized fitness plans, to helping them reframe their relationships to food with pantry overhauls and grocery shopping tagalongs.


I also realized that it wasn’t only athletes who needed my help…


When it comes to health, we’re facing a global epidemic of epic proportions. Conditions like obesity and diabetes are on the rise. People may be living longer, but they aren’t necessarily living better. And even among those folks who are generally healthy on paper, the struggle to maintain a desired weight, to improve performance in the gym and or at work, or to simply have more energy and better focus during the day, is real. The good news is, it’s possible to change all that.

Everyone wants to feel better. And everyone deserves to live their best life. This means committing oneself to doing the work – it isn’t always easy! My goal is to help you fight for it. As an integrative health coach, I’ll work with you as a whole person, applying holistic interventions that help you live a better, longer life.


You’re more than just a number on a scale; you’re a human being with dreams and fears. Maybe you’ve tried diet fads, fitness crazes, and health apps. Maybe they worked, maybe they didn’t. What I tell everyone, from athletes to busy moms, is this: Don’t let your past determine your future.


Exercise because you love yourself. Eat right because you care about your body. Change your lifestyle because you want to be around on this planet longer, and you want to enjoy every minute of it.


What makes me qualified to help people? Passion and commitment are key, but education and experience are critical, too. I hold an MS in Exercise Physiology from Benedictine University, and a Post Master’s Certificate in Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health. I spent over a decade as a manager at Polar, working in health, sport and education. As a strategic consultant for both sports tech company Omegawave and personalized health company InsideTracker, I’m currently responsible for presenting the value of next generation training tools and ultra-customized nutrition plans to the professional sports and military sectors, including special ops.


Want to learn more? Drop me a line on the Contact page! 

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